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Four Hallows School Song

In my novel series, The Celydon Saga, which begins with House of Glass, the druid school attended by Emily Glass has a school song (naturally) which the students sing every morning at Assembly.  The words are mine but the tune is the traditional Cymric song, “The Ash Grove” which has a number of versions.  Some links at the bottom are provided to see the sheet music and some performances of the song (not my song, but the original).

I chose “The Ash Grove” after much research on school songs and traditional Welsh melodies partly because the words to “The Ash Grove” will lie subtly behind the school song.  They are appropriate to druids and are so beautiful, especially when one recalls that the Ash is one of the three most sacred trees of druids (with Oak and Thorn) and that it is the wood from which the Spear of Lugh was made, which is the Notos Hall hallow. To purchase the books:House of Glass at

       Four Hallows

(Tune: The Ash Grove.  Welsh Traditional)


‘Pon yonder green hillside where streamlets meander,

 To ancient Four Hallows we raise up our hearts

Thy dear halls of learning, the world looking over

Wild dreams of our youth, we bring unto thee.

Sing loudly the love that we give to Four Hallows

With dancing and singing, let new knowledge grow.


Those golden fair hours with friends we remember

Thy fresh’ning rain showers, thy woods deep in snow

Nor hope, nor thy wisdom, shall ever forsake us:

If life brings us sorrow, thy light we shall see

We’ll never forget thee, our dearest Four Hallows,

In strength and in kindness, forever we’ll grow!

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