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Maddeningly Trying to update my web site. Ppppplllllbbbbbttttt!

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October 2015
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In the ’60s we thought technology was going to make our lives easier! Instead it has made it more and more complicated to the point where one can waste nearly endless time and energy on stupid things like trying to update a web site, figure out how some software is supposed to work when it isn’t doing its job, or replace ringtones on your phone you accidently erased.  Bad, bad bad.  Is it worth it to (supposedly) communicate one’s thoughts to the whole world?   Well, not to me.  Nor do I think it works.  Nor do I think my thoughts are important to communicate, in the grand scheme of things.  It is more important to tend my garden and my trees.

But here I am, trying to update with my latest books and unable to remember how my web authoring software works.  Would it be more expedient to switch software?  Or to re-read the manual?  Or Lord knows what.  I’m vacatoning with my 93 year old mum and she just bought a new ipad, so I have to help her figure that out as well.  I guess back in the day, when telephone’s were first invented, it probably took people a few minutes to figure out how they worked, but today, we create these so-called “smart” machines that are not smart enough to set themselves up and do what they are supposed to do without our constant intervention and tinkering; we create communication devices that require experts to operate and hours and hours of frustration to learn to use, and then something goes wrong and they cease to work.  Give me a mechanical system any day over that.  Give me a simple telephone wire.  Our “smart” technology is a step backwards, if you ask me.  The average human with a PhD. is not smart enough to use them.  So, if anyone wonders why my domain name disappeared from this blog or why my web site is never updated, now you know!  I’m stuck in Limbo trying endlessly to make my software work.  It is a complete misnomer.  The “hardware” is easy to use, the “software” is hard to use.  I like the hardware better, or should I simply say, the machine itself.  But until computer manufacturers can make computers that will require the user to do nothing but press “On” they are creating junk.  For all the undoubted intellect and work that goes into software design, the premise of the whole thing is wrong.  Users do not want to have to update software or install it, or trouble-shoot it.  Can you imagine if you were driving your car and you had to “troubleshoot” its software while driving.  You would get stuck at the side of the road and go insane.

Its a surreal world we have created.  “Smart” missiles bomb weddings and hospitals by mistake, and “smart” phones spend most of their time being annoyances.  I really think I may go back to a land line and a typewriter and start writing letters to people instead of all this silliness.  Give me nice, dumb technology and I will then have time to actually think about things I want to think about, instead of wasting my time trying to figure out software and “apps”.

Grrrrrr.  At least CreateSpace works easily and I can publish my novels that way.  A pity, though, that book stores refuse to carry indie published books which means that my readers are pretty well dependent on using a computer to order a copy of my novels.  When it comes to owning a web site to self-promote or share information, without a professional webmaster, whom I cannot afford, there seems little hope.  I must choose to either promote myself and waste huge amounts of time, or else use my time to write books and leave the “promotion” to fate.

A webmaster who will work pro bono, and a publicist who will work pro-bono, or even for a percentage of my sales is what I need.  Someone whose profession is to psychoanalyze these “smart” devices.


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