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Ah, the sound of the tornado sirens going off.  It’s 2pm Thursday April 16th and I am sitting at my desk in the new second floor of our house, Bardwood Lodge.  Of course, my lady wife does not call it Bardwood Lodge, but that’s what I call it.  We have survived seven months of construction followed by three months of winter, and are now in the midst of Minnesota Springtime, which is up and down up and down on the thermometer.  We’ve had a very beautiful spell for a few days recently and things are beginning to turn green — that is, trees and shrubs.  Things have been turning green in the fridge for some time.

I am happy to say that I was elected last December to the office of Lodge Secretary for Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277 A.F. & A.M. which is conveniently located two blocks from my house.  So far (Month 4) I am enjoying the job and figuring out those odd things that come up rarely as well as the routine of a Masonic lodge.  My work consists of taking minutes at meetings, processing petitions for membership either by degrees or by affiliation, keeping up communication with the new candidates and new brothers, as they take their degrees, attending events, taking reservations for events, getting forms printed at the print shop, and mailing stuff out to members.  The Assistant Secretary helps with sending dues notices and dues cards, collecting money and depositing it in the bank, and putting things on the Lodge calendar.  Having him to handle the money is helpful to me.  When he want on vacation for two weeks, I misplaced a $13,000 check from the Grand Lodge. (Truthfully, I never saw the check, but since the Grand Secretary says he mailed it, I have to take the blame for its apparent disappearance, if you follow me.  Can one lose something one has never seen?  Possibly, if it was stuck in the envelope, and I threw it away witlessly.  That stands as the explanation, officially.  Privately, I have long suspected the Lodge building has mischievous hobgoblins that steal and hide things.)

I have made work for myself too, above and beyond what needed to be done.  For example, I designed new cards to send to brothers for their Masonic Birthdays, Get Well cards, and Condolences cards, all of a Masonic theme.  I plan, in the fullness of time, to sell these cards and become a millionaire, but have to find the time first. I also redesigned several forms to make them easier to fill out and read, and certificates to make them more impressive for this Gilded Age.

  The Weekly Owl has languished during the construction and its aftermath of unpacking and rearranging.  However, I plan to take it up a little more regularly and keep it a little more concise (I hope).  At present, there are wands to be carved and clients waiting for them. Also, about a third of First Term at Four Hallows that still needs to have its proof-corrections entered into the computer file before I can upload it and sell it on CreateSpace.  It is the second in the Celydon Saga and the one where Emily arrives at school.  I am working on copy-editing the third book, The Alchemist’s Secret, as well, but finding it hard to juggle quite so many balls at the same time.  I’m working up a time-dilation spell that will give me more time to read.  Or not precisely “more” time, just Wider time.

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