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Second Edition of 100 Years of Brotherhood now available!

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The corrected and expanded edition of 100 Years of Brotherhood: The Centennial History of Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277, is now available at CreateSpace for $68.99 plus shipping in Full Color with numerous photographs, charts, tables, and a genealogy of the Lodge itself.  Just follow this link:

It will be available also directly from Lake Harriet Lodge for a lovely discounted price of $33.99 (a nice mystical number, eh?).  To order, just send a check in that amount (or multiples thereof for more than one copy) to Lake Harriet Lodge, 4519 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55410. 

The book will soon be available on our web site as a PDF file, for those who prefer e-books.  Watch  for the announcement.

More than the history of a single lodge, this book traces the lives and contributions of each Worshipful Master of Lake Harriet across one hundred years of history and a century of American Freemasonry.  At a time when Masons are taking a new look at the Craft and increasingly realizing that they are the custodians of a marvelous system for moral teaching through symbols and ritual, this history shows in detail the period when American lodges experienced enormous growth in member numbers and serious amnesia about how to actually practice the art of symbolism and ritual to effect changes upon consciousness.  Lake Harriet Lodge is embracing the increasing emphasis on Masonic education in addition to the social, fraternal, and philanthropic aspects of the Craft in the 21st century.   It’s history shows a lodge that was very much a part of 20th century Masonry in its life from 1913-2013.  An institution that was almost frantically busy initiating and making new Masons, especially in the post-war period of 1945-58 when its membership topped 1200.

Yet, there have always been members and Masters who have delved deeply into the hidden mysteries of Masonry.  Those mysteries, hidden even from those brothers who experienced the three degrees of the Craft, have always been there to see, and the clues right in the open for those seeking them.  Seek and you shall find.

Among our most notable past masters are Luther Youngdahl, Governor of Minnesota and Federal judge; Paul Bosanko, one of the founders of Education Lodge No. 1002 of Minnesota; Robert Papas and Thomas Jackson, each of whom served as Grand Master of Masons of Minnesota.  Each Master of Lake Harriet and many other members prove to be fascinating men and Masons. 

100 Years of Brotherhood also contains a table ranking the occupations of all of our members over our first century, showing the great diversity of social status and work in a lodge truly for Everyman. Other charts show the growth of membership and its decline, breaking down lost members into categories of those who died, demitted, or simply dropped out.  Tentative conclusions are drawn and suggestions for further research.

This excellent book serves as a model for any lodge seeking to write its own history.  It is the author’s hope that subsequent years will be updated on our web site, for an ongoing up-to-date record.

Order your copy of this new and corrected edition today for yourself or your lodge library!


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