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Updates to and Social Media Links

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March 2014
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Advertisements has a whole new look.  The theme is simplified and colorful and new content has been added.  A general house cleaning.  Most important is the addition of pages for the Celydon Saga.  With the launch of House of Glass, the first novel in the series, a web page became necessary.  Not only that, but I have purchased the domain names appropriate, so you can direct your browser to any of the following and end up on the Celydon main page.  Check it out, look over the page on the Druid’s calendar used in the saga, and read my Artist’s Statement.

Further, in an effort to really promote the book and the series, I’ve taken time to establish a Tumblr page called The Maertens Files, and a Pinterest page under the name of Alferian where I am collecting many images on several boards.  Some of these are just amazing and so forth, but some are also models for future illustrations of characters and cover art for the subsequent books.  I recently added a board for magic wands mainly because I found a wandmaker whose work I like even better than mine.  It’s in a class by itself really, and hat’s off to “Acme Wand Supply” (I think it is run by Wile E. Coyote)


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