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January 2009
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New Year, calendrically speaking.  Full moon at present and I have been absorbed in wand making again and unable to tend to my writing.  Ihave two more wands to make and then I can focus on writing and only carve things when I feel like it.  I’m looking forward to that.

I just wrote a very long thingy on the idea of a druid college.  With the demise of Avalon College, I realize that a lot of the thoughts I wrote in forums there have gone to the aether.  So, my homage to the past four years of experiences and thoughts (mine and those of many others who joined me in the quest for a druid college).

“Pages” are listed across the top of the screen here and appear in the right margin column too, but are distinct from “posts” to the web log.  I was a bit chagrinned to find that the “About Alferian” page has only been visited four times, according to the Great Machine. Teach me some humility!

I shall here encourage you, dear reader, to go look at the Druid College page for the latest ruminations (can Owls be ruminants? Hmmm. Well, they do spit up those owl pellets…  Alright, let’s say the latest owl pellet then.)

More anon,


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