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Topic? What Topic?

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June 2008
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This week’s Owl has no pretense of a topic at all.  I’ve had a busy May with several boughts of illness, numerous appointments with healers of various sorts, and am still pretty well off, but in much the same place.   The only very concrete advice from the gastroenerologiest (Tummy Doctor) was to lose 30 lbs., so I am working on that.  On the 31st I had my birthday.  748 years.  No wonder I feel old.  I shaved off my beard again due to a rash from the chin strap of my VPAP machine and a m now growing it back.  That always gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.

My dear mum gave me a check for my birthday and I ran off gleefully to a used books store and bought books on British archaeology and history, including an odd little study of English public schools in the period before they were reformed in the mid-19th century.  Quite interesting and good background reading for Emily Glass.  For the past week, I have been poring over maps and discovering the location of Celydon College in Yorkshire.  i’ve also been using the computer-generated maps of a chap online to flood the world and see how the new coastlines go.

This last bit has an interesting effect on Yorkshire as the Humber essentially fills up the plain south of York until the great old city becomes a seaport.  An inland sea (possibly not very deep) connects York to parts south all the way to Cambridge, which is also a seaport.  I seem to have had a premonition of this when I was outlining subsequent books in the series and made the center of one of them a yacht race between Celydon and Cambridge.  I am not trying to make this all scientifically accurate or anything of that sort, so it doesn’t really matter how accurate these projections are.

I’ve also been spending time editing my Wandlore book and organizing my study, my wood shed, and my wand shop.  The manuscript is about half done and I am impatient to finish it, but this does not apparently prevent me from procrastinating.  This, largely, because there are other things (like making wands) that I must do, and other things (like working on Emily Glass) that I would rather do.

On the second Monday of May (the 19th IIRC), I delivered a presentation on British Druid orders to my masonic lodge.  I was feeling ill and left immediately afterwards to collapse, so did not get a whole lot of feedback.  Pretty obscure stuff to most masons, I imagine.  But some have subsequently thanked me and expressed interest, even interest in taking courses at Avalon Center.  So, that is good.  I had long hoped that explaining druidry to masons would pique some interest, but when the time came, I felt so rotten that it felt to me that the presentation was disjointed and incomplete.

But it was a good try and I will try again to work at giving the talk at other venues.  Part of the difficulty was that I was giving some of the same material I presented in my talk on the oghams so I felt as if a lot was being left out.  I talked for 40 minutes, which was still too long, but better than the 90 minutes I apparently talked when I gave the ogham presentation in Duluth.  Ugh!  Can’t make a good impression, I’m afraid.  I still can’t believe I actually was talking that long.

So, there you go.  I’m off to Storables to pick up my customized unit for my closet and then see if I can install it!


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