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A Weird Day

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February 2008
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What else do I call it?  I spent much of the morning running errands and then came home to find another student application to Avalon Center.  I have very mixed feelings about what to do with these applications, considering the state of the Center.  I do not want to misrepresent what we have here, and yet I do not want to turn away eager students.  This one came from California at least, which is a little less strange that the last which came from Ghana.  That African student seemed to imagine that I could send him a letter that would allow him to leave his country.

The things you never expect.  This is why teachers started selling their labor to large institutions with lots of money and full-time fundraisers.

I’ve been checking my e-mail today for signs of life from some people to whom I sent queries yesterday and no luck.  A wand client sent a note to check in and then sent another note in which he pointed out that his rush order was supposed to be done and in the mail this week.  I had made a note to myself that was a month off!


Sometimes I feel like just closing shop at Bardwood and giving up the whole carving business.  I can’t run it like a “proper” business partly because I am doing it in such a small amount of my shared time, and partly because enchantment cannot be rushed.  I dislike selling wands to people if I feel they are being ordered as mere toys or commodities — more “stuff”.  Usually I do feel my clients are sincere, but in the rare cases when someone has been disappointed for one reason or another (I can think of about three cases), I feel so terrible.  All I can offer is a refund, and to take the wand back to give it a different home.

Add to this my unpredictable health and the many days of work I lose to that problem, and it really isn’t a business as customers usually expect.  People want to order things online and get immediate gratification — or at least some sort of ETA on their order.  I feel that even in a good spell I make my clients wait what must be a maddening length of time.

I have been getting a fair amount of writing done and now I feel that all of that positive feeling has gone by the wayside because of this mistake.  I just knew that it was too good to be true.  My memory predictably fails me.  I wish I had an apprentice who could help me here with the box making and bag making at least.  But I don’t.

Sigh.  Well, back to the apple branch.


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