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In Memoriam Chalcedoni

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November 2007
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Today I received quite a blow. A letter via electronic mail from the daughter of a close friend saying that she had passed away on Nov. 4th, the very same day I celebrated Samhuinn with my druid grove. I arrived at the celebration angry at having gotten lost on the way, and now I may understand why.

Chalci was a woman and a druid of exemplary character. Strong, stubborn, frank, witty, charming, and self-sacrificing to a fault. She encouraged me years ago to found Avalon Center and she, above everyone, believed in its success. As I wrote earlier in this log, the chancellorship was something I steeled myself to relinquish this Samhuinn, not because I was abandoning the dream of a druid college, but because of my own health issues.

That Chalci should choose this time to pass on through the veil is remarkable and I am left grieving and saddened, yet confident that she has gone on to a better life — or at least a healthy new body — and is applying her forceful energies to the eternal druid order to which we all aspire.

I feel the need to write her a poem but that will take me some time and thought.

For now let me say only that she remains my friend and druid sister and that I will always cherish our correspondence. With deepest affection as well as deep sadness,


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