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New Year New Tooth

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Well, Samhuinn with Geal-Darach Grove was splendid even if I did get off on the wrong foot by getting lost on the way there and arriving all angry so I had to calm down.  That’s okay.  If they think I’m a tyrant, they will have more incentive to complete the three grades and oust me as chief druid.  I look forward to that.  I’m afraid, though, I have at least three years.

Meanwhile, on Friday after giving my presentation on Oghams I chipped a tooth.  The dentist told me it was my oldest tooth, my first six-year molar. He had redone the filling some years ago and now it gave up, so I have a temporary crown and will get the permanent one before we are off to Arizona for Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to the feat with my mum and my sister and her family and then seeing the Grand Canyon again.  It has been many years and I have fond memories of the canyon.  It is one of the truly sublime places.

Last night was Scottish Rite.  I am not officially a 26° Mason or “Prince of Mercy.”  In the 25th degree we were asked to write down a fault we wished to commit ourselves to vanquish and a neglected duty we wished to better perform.  Coincidentally, these slips of paper were treated just as we treated those things at Samhuinn which we wrote down and placed into the fire and the cauldron.  It was almost the same ritual!  A good one in both cases.

Dedicating solemnly to overcome a fault is scary business.  It is taken on “with the help of God” which causes one to think about one’s God and trust in that entity to help.  As for neglected duties, I feel like my whole life is a patchwork quilt of neglected duties, unfinished projects, and false turns in the maze.  However, I often feel that writing is still my calling and that I will only feel truly better about myself if I can contribute more financially to my family.   And publishing something is about the only way, at present, I can think of to do that.

So, I’ve procrastinated with emailings all morning, but am going to try to turn to that after lunch.

Wish me luck!


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