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Hello world!

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October 2007
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Well, I don’t know that I really need more than one web log.  Do ship’s captains keep more than one log?  As my LiveJournal blog is officially for me to record the goings-on in the Chancellor’s Office of Avalon Center, I shall dedicate this one to more personal musings, and make an effort to post more frequently.

Today I am catching up with a backlog of e-mail.  No, actually, I am spending time setting up this blog.  However, I need to answer a score of owls that have been sent to me on various topics, druidical and masonic.  Linnea has piano lessons after school and I have a sink full of dishes and a pile of laundry to fold, which I am ignoring at the moment.  Till school is out at 3:40 (that is when the bus arrives here), I need to attend to a couple of customer orders that need mailing.  A splendid wand that I made at one of our druid grove camps a couple of years ago has finally caught to the eye of its true owner.  It’s utterly unique because when I found the branch it just happned to have a stag’s face and little twig antlers at the end. I carved an ogham band on it that says “the Stag of Summer” on it.

Speaking of ohgams, among my projects coming due soon are a talk I am giving on oghams at the St. Paul Royal Arch Chapter No. 1 on November 2nd.   It is supposed to be a well-attended open meeting, so I hope to be able to teach a bit about druidry, the Celts, and hand out some brochures on Avalon Center.  But I’m not going to talk about ACDS here.  See the Chancellor’s Journal for that.  I have some classes I am trying to get up online before Samhuinn too, so that any prospective students who might be lurking out there have something to enroll in.

Other than Avalon business, I am enjoying the Scottish Rite very much, going through the degrees every Thursday evening.  I am currently a Knight Rose Croix and still have my somewhat faded red rose on my desk, a beautiful rose give to us when we received the degree. Every degree comes with its own high-falutin’ title but Knight Rose Croix is one I hold dear and consider an expression of an inner identity that I have had for, oh, these many lifetimes.  This week I’ll be starting the “philosophical degrees” of the Council of Kadosh.  They seem more priestly in tone rather than chivalric, but despite my innate suspicion of priestliness, I am sure I will enjoy them and the continuing search for the Lost Word.

But I mustn’t give away too many secrets, you know.

I’m thinking of writing a presentation on Freemasonry to give at local libraries or events and get on a speaker’s bureau.  A presentation that introduces people to Freemasonry who know nothing about it.  It amazes me how few people have even heard of the Masons and far fewer in this day grasp what a marvelous fraternity it is full of wonderful dramas that aim to teach virtues.  And, of course, one doesn’t teach virtues as one teaches automotive repair or plumbing.  One can only get people to think about virtues, prompt them to examine their own thoughts and behavior, and to make the decision to cultivate themselves as better human beings.

So, back to the correspondence…

— Alferian /|\

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  1. alferian says:

    I am leaving a reply to this very first post because I just realized that October was the second anniversary of the Weekly Owl. I have certainly not managed to keep it up on a weekly basis. Indeed, I seem to have entirely missed this October. How ironic.

    Nevertheless, happy second birthday to the Weekly Owl, born on October 23, 2007. The Weekly Owl is a Libra (29°). Mercury is in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo. The Moon and Uranus are within five degrees of each other in Pisces.

    Very interesting….

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